About Us

Welcome to VOLUME 3

Volume 3 Limited was born when stars aligned for directors Janice Morris-Harvey and Jason Miller through a mutual associate. Both directors share an insatiable appetite for innovation, and in particular in the digital realm and a need to help develop our own environment through these means for the better.
Janice Morris-Harvey | Director of Operations & Client ServicesJanice Morris-Harvey- Volume 3 Limted
“With the rapid and constant evolution of technology and it’s effect on our society, its hard for me to play second fiddle. I’ve never been one to see what’s possible and not get involved to make it happen. I understand this space and I am very comfortable with it. So when I met Jason, it was serendipity, a natural fit to do great things with the advertising & marketing landscape here locally and globally.” – Janice Morris-Harvey.
Janice has been managing director/ proprietor of Best Signs Ltd. for the past fifteen years. A dynamic signage company that does indoor and outdoor custom signs, mobile signs, vehicle wrapping, large format printing, plazma cutting, and fabrication.

Jason Miller | Director of Creative and Strategy
As a former lecturer at the University of Technology in the department of communication arts and technology and valedictorian of Carimac, University of the West Indies, specializing in digital media production, Jason brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and asynchronous balance between creative and strategy.
Jason has also worked for over 15 years for a number of cable/ television stations as a video editor and graphic artist including RJR communications and up until forming volume 3 Limited, Director of video services at the Marketing Counselors Ltd, one of Jamaica’s leading advertising agencies.
“It’s not coming, it’s here! The digital revolution has been well underway and while a lot of people use the technology for leisure, it has profoundly transformed many fundamental aspects of our functional lives, specifically business. There are generations now, whose lives revolve around the technology and its the best way to reach them. It has also added other practical dimensions that were not available before, like more measurability on return on investment, instant feedback, more efficient budget consolidation, control, flexibility, and global access. Janice and I formed Volume 3 Ltd to take advantage of the inevitable, to offer the very best of these mind-blowing capabilities and take Jamaica and the Caribbean to the world.” – Jason Miller.
Volume 3 Limited is here to serve those who dare to go beyond the confines of the proverbial box. Our vision and mission is to expose the talent, creativity, expertise, and quality of our products and services to break new ground globally.

Who Are We

Volume 3 Limited is what everyone else is not. We will never do  the “Run of the mill”. Never will. At our core, we embrace individuality and creative freedom. 

Our Mission

To drive the creative wonder and magic of the indomitable spirit and charismatic people of Jamaica to the world by the use of cutting edge technology/ God given inspiration and courage. 

What We Do

Volume 3 Limited develops solid advertising and marketing campaign strategies based on solid interactive user data to embody the compelling and engaging creative content that will deliver a brands essence to the right audience.

Why choose us?

Each design for us warrants nothing short of our full dedication and inspiration. Rooted in the core strategy of the overall campaign and integrally guided by data, it then becomes more than compelling eye candy, its a functional design.

We don’t believe in the “One size fits all” mentality. Every business has its own set of unique qualities and we strive to highlight them to make it standout from the crowd.

We don’t just advertise. Every project has a marketing component that captures and measures data in order to gauge success. We deliver results.

Todays applications and tech support allow the flow of data and immediate feedback for us to monitor and track in real time. Taking advantage puts us in a position to better manage ROI and adjust strategies. 

We are all about data management, so we know the value it brings to consolidating budgets and maximizing returns.

Our team of professionals span communication specialists, creative writers, photographers, film & video production to marketing annalists and statisticians.

Your brand will be in the hands of experts.

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